Pickup & Return

Now you can benefit from Pick-up and Return type services for Heinner products!

  • free pick-up
  • free return
  • national level coverage
  • quick and easy

Starting with the 1st of May, your favorite Heinner products come with a 3 year WARRANTY* and a Pickup & Return type service**.

Thus, wherever you are located in the country, if you have trouble with your product, it will be picked up by us through a fast courier and returned just as easy to your door, free, throughout the warranty period of the product. Save time and money and enjoy the Heinner products on a long term..

General service conditions

This service is available only for Romania.

The diagnostic and repair service for Serioux products is provided by ServSkills International SRL.

For a fast and efficient solution please follow the instructions below:


1. Before calling the service center, make sure that you have the following information:

- The model and serial number of the product

- The number and the date of the bill with which the product has been purchased.

- A detailed description of the problem.


2. Contact the authorized service center by using the following contact data:

- Telephone: 0742.726.843 (07-WARRANTY)

- Through the ServSkills portal: http://www.servskills.ro/pick-return


3. Follow the instructions received from the service center.


Heinner small appliances benefit from a 3 YEAR WARRANTY and the Pick-up and Return service, which offers you:

  • National coverage, the product being picked up and returned to your home, by fast courier

  • Free transport for the entire warranty period, for the picked-up and returned products.

  • Time economy



Heinner large appliances benefit from a 3 YEAR WARRANTY, with a home diagnostic service and the following advantages:

  • National coverage, the service being provided at your home by an authorized representative

  • Free consulting and diagnostic throughout the warranty period

  • Time economy


Heinner air conditioners benefit from a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

The management of service and assembling of the air conditioners is insured by the ALTIBO AIRCON firm.

SC ALTIBO AIRCON SRL, Ilfov, Cornetu commune, Panselelor Street, no 28, vila C3, ap 2
Telephone number: 0762.599.573; email: altiboaircon@gmail.com


In the event that you should have trouble with the service and assembling service activity, it is mandatory that you contact the SC ALTIBO AIRCON SRL firm. If not, the representative as well as the Heinner representatives will not be held responsible for any issue created by any of the assembling and service centres.

The detailed warranty and installing conditions can be visualized here.

Access the complete list of authorized installing and service firms can be downloaded here.


*Except for air conditioners which have a 3 year warranty. Applicable only for individual persons

**For small appliances and large domestic appliances


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