SMILE, irroning board with plug, 44 x 152 cm

code HR-DGR-152

Main characteristics
The ironing board SMILE, with  socket, 44x152cm, is a monolithic ironing board with a perforated table top that helps to properly ventilate the working space.
The cotton pouch is provided with sponge protection. The feet of the table are covered at the base with anti-slip holders to protect the metal parts and the floor.
Height adjustable: 80-94 cm
It is equipped with metallic support with silicone anti-slip system for steam iron ( resistant at high temperatures).
The holder is rotating (360 degrees) and helps to use the ironing table on both sides.
The holder is removable, and in this way the entire surface of the table can be used.
To remove the rotating holder it is necessary to remove the 4 screws from the back of the ironing board, with which it is fixed.
Monolithic steam permeable iron table
Confortable iron rest, metal with silicone anti-slip system (heat resistant)
Heat resistant cloth cover
Electrostatic epoxy powder coating
Non slip pads which prevent damage to the floor
Material: table top from perforated sheet , cotton cover with sponge protection. Diameter of legs: Ø 38, thickness of sheet: 0.90 mm

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